Granting and Strategic Priorities

AIH considers requests for grant funding three times each year (February, June, and October), and gives preference to requests that align with its strategic priorities, which are to:

  1. Measurably increase the well-being of the residents of Ardmore and Carter County, Okla.

  2. Influence the U.S. health system to bring Lifestyle Medicine into the mainstream of clinical medical practice.

  3. Improve health behaviors through funding programs that promote purpose, nutrition, movement, community, connectedness, and sleep.

Grant Application Process


AIH only considers requests from organizations designated by the IRS as 501(c)(3) public charities, or from government agencies.

If you have an AIH grant-funded project currently in progress, you must submit your final report(s) before applying for a new grant. (We sometimes approve exceptions for multi-phase projects.)

We have a 2-step application process: 

Step 1: Complete and submit a Letter of Inquiry Form

  • Review the Granting & Strategic Priorities (above) to ensure your proposal is a good fit for our funding priorities.

  • Request the link to our grants portal by contacting Kati Thompson, Program Associate, using the contact form below.

  • Complete and submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) form via our online grants portal.

  • We will review your LOI, and may ask for a follow-up conversation.

Step 2: Complete a Full Grant Application

  • If we approve your LOI, we will invite you to complete a full grant application via our online grants portal. 

Key Dates: October 2019 granting cycle

July 15, 2019: LOI Form Released

August 12, 2019: LOIs Due                     

September 3, 2019: Full Grant Applications Due

October 11, 2019: Grant Decisions Announced

Key Dates: February 2020 granting cycle

November 6, 2019: LOI Form Released

December 9, 2019: LOIs Due                     

December 20, 2019: LOI Decisions Announced

January 6, 2020: Full Grant Applications Due

February 28, 2020: Grant Decisions Announced

For more information

If you would like to know more about AIH grant opportunities, please contact us:

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