About Us



AIH was established in 1947 by Roy Johnson, and funded by the estate of Roy’s son, Otey Johnson, MD. AIH seeks to improve the health and vitality of people around the world through the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits. The Johnsons were members of the Seventh-day Adventist church, and desired to extend the historic health ministry of the church through the establishment and funding of AIH. After Otey’s death in 1984, the AIH trustees built and operated a residential lifestyle center (Lifestyle Center of America) in southern Oklahoma for 15 years. In more recent years, AIH has shifted its efforts to the operation of its proprietary Full Plate Living digital platform, and awarding grants to mission aligned projects conducted by nonprofit organizations.

Statement of Faith

Otey Johnson, MD, had a dream to establish an institution that would promote the health and healing practices of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church. He cherished this dream, talking about it often with friends and other physicians. The Johnson dream was closely associated with the health ministry of the SDA Church, which was known for its promotion of healthy lifestyles and natural healing methods. This historic emphasis on the prevention and treatment of chronic disease through healthy lifestyle habits forms the foundation on which the priorities and programs of the Ardmore Institute of Health (AIH) are built.

The SDA Church is a Protestant Christian denomination steeped in the tenets of a loving, forgiving, omnipotent God. In keeping with its SDA heritage, AIH believes that God created human beings and that He desires for each of us to live abundant lives, including the enjoyment of good health. While the cumulative effects of sin have marred God’s creation such that many of us do not enjoy the abundant health that God intended, we believe that good health practices can often prevent and counteract some of our most common health problems.

In today’s culture, healthy habits and choices are frequently not the easy choices. The practice of a healthy lifestyle often requires persistent resolution to make positive choices toward overall, long-term health improvement. AIH believes that an active faith adds significant benefits to physical, mental and emotional well-being, especially by strengthening individuals to make the positive changes necessary to improve their health.

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. “
- 3 John 2