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Institute of Health

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Our Mission

AIH Mission: Improve the health and vitality of people to live more meaningful lives.

AIH Vision: We work for a future where lifestyle change will be the preferred method to prevent and overcome chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity.



AIH considers grant funding requests 3 times each year, and gives preference to requests that align with its strategic priorities, which are to: 

  1. Measurably increase the well-being of the residents of Ardmore and Carter County, Okla. 

  2. Influence the U.S. health system to bring Lifestyle Medicine into the mainstream of clinical medical practice 

  3. Improve health behaviors through funding programs that promote purpose, nutrition, movement, community, connectedness, and sleep

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Full Plate Living

A Doable, Lifestyle Medicine Approach For Losing Weight.


Institute of Health

The Ardmore Institute of Health (AIH) is an independent, nonprofit Oklahoma corporation headquartered in Ardmore, OK. We pursue our vision through grantmaking and the Full Plate Living program.